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Paul Reddick Baseball
Over 2,000 Hitters Can't Be Wrong...
Strength training and batting practice will never produce the results YOU deserve – unless you discover the powerfully simple system that will harness your body's strength and turn it into POWER HITTING...

Here's Everything You're Getting...

L2E Hitting Philosphy

Load To Explode Hitting Program 2.0 -Jeff explains the L2E 2.0 system STEP BY STEP through every phase of the swing. Then he hands you a simple daily maintenance drill circuit to make sure that the POWER continues to FLOW everyday. Best part? It takes just a few minutes.

20 Minute Toture Workout

 ”20 Minute Torture” . Our most intense “Power Generating” Workout. This precise sequence of 4 exercises and the exact counts and reps that activates a power mechanism in your body. You will see what I mean by minute 2

20 Minute Blast Off Workout

“20 Minute Blast Off Circuit” – The BLAST OFF is designed to build short quick EXPLOSIVE power from the legs right through the bat. Ever see Pujols turn on a ball at the blink of eye? That what this program does. ..just what the title says “BLAST OFF”.  Soon, you will be the one turning on that inside pitch and sending it OVER THE WALL.

.300 Hitter Workout

The .300 Hitter Workout – A BETTER AVERAGE in less than 10 minutes! Great for individual or team workout. Get a full, total body “power getting” workout in under 10 minutes. That’s right…10 minutes flat. Not only is is QUICK it’s more efficient and effective than hours of banging away in the weight room. Can be done on the field too!

40-30-20-10 Workout

The 40-30-20-10 Countdown workout – No crazy sets or reps…quick and explosive (like your swing will be)

Foam Roller Warm Up

Foam Roller Workout - Are you still stretching? Learn the SIMPLE warm up workout used by virtually every professional player and it only takes 5 minutes.

Sandbag Explosion

Sandbag Explosion Workout – Get a good workout with an old duffle bag?? How about the 6 most EXPLOSIVE power generating exercises you could ever do without ever stepping foot in a gym?

*61 Jacks Workout

Ispired by the true home run king Roger Maris. *61 Jacks is our crazy workout that looks simple but will surprise you.

56 Streak Workout

A nod to Joe Dimaggio's 56 game hitting streak, this workout is a streak! You go from start to finish non-stop explosion!

Double Deck Warm Up

Coach Mike Ryan is a master at breaking down the best swings and showing you how to mimick the best of the best

40-30-20-10 Workout

Coach Mike Ryan is a master at breaking down the best swings and showing you how to mimick the best of the best

Foam Roller Warm Up

Being strong is important but you onlt have spoer when you combine speed with that strength. These drills will install the bat speed you need

Weight Transfer Drill

Once the weight shifts from the back foot to the front foot the swing is very violent. You must be in the right position when your weight transfers

Approach The Ball Drill

Mike sets up your perfect path to the ball. Never mess with your swing. Get your approach down and the swing will happen.

Mule Kick Drill

One of the most unique hitting drills we’ve ever seen. This dill gets hitters to load up and drive through the ball with “mule like” power

The Pujols Drill 2

Mike's most famous drill. The Pujols drill is your wat to swipe the power priniciples of Pujols and put them to work for you.

Reverse Hitting Drill

Most coaches don't understand that to work thourhg hitting flaws you have to start at the end and work back to find the issues.

Secrets Of Baseball Best Hitters

Secrets Of Baseball's Greatest Hitters - Baseball Hitters have used the LOAD TO EXPLODE principles for over a hundred years, but up until now they have gone undiscovered and unidentified. Follow us as we break down hitters from Ruth to Jeter and show you exactly how they put the Load To Explode principles to work for them to GENERATE POWER

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