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Paul Reddick Baseball
9 Types of Ground Balls
9 Types of Ground Balls
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  1. Equipment Of The Infielder 
  2. Making The Glove / Hand Exchange
  3. Proper Throwing From The
  4. Situational Positioning 
  5. Moving To The Ball And Getting Into Position
  6. Picking Up The Hop Infield
  7. The Nine Crucial Types Of Ground Balls
  8. Mental Aspects Of Fielding
  9. Fly balls and Pop Up's For Infielders
  10. Double Plays
  11. 4 Types Of Double Play Feeds
  12. The Double PLay Pre-Pivot
  13. Pivots For Shortstops
  14. Pivots For Second Baseman
  15. The Power Pivot
  16. Cutoff And Relay Situations
  17. Fielding Bunts
  18. Covering On The Force
  19. How To Cover Bases & Receive Throws
  20. Handling Run Downs
  21. Backing Up Bases
  22. Positioning According To The Hitter
  23. Positioning According To The Count
  24. Positioning According To The Pitch
  25. Fundamental Infield Drills
  26. Partner Infield Drills
  27. Double Play Drills
  28. Team Drills

Plus 17 BONUS demo videos

BONUS demo videos
BONUS demo videos
BONUS demo videos
BONUS demo videos
BONUS demo videos

and 9 stunning PDF’s...

9 stunning PDF's...
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